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We are the proud owners of not one but five beautiful Friesian mares and one Filly at this present time. Our mission is to breed for the quality, temperament, and exceptional characteristics of this most Noble breed. Please take your time and look over our Website at your leisure and just enjoy learning about our wonderful Friesian family. If you have the time let us know what you think.

Visitors are always welcome to our Farm!

We started our farm as Triple “P” Ranch almost 15 years ago after having been involved with horses for several years.  We started with several Paints, Pintos and Palominos…hence the original name of Triple “P”.

We enjoy breeding and trail riding, but more recently have entered into the wonderful world of Friesians and the Dressage arena.  Friesians have always been a dream of mine that my terrific husband thankfully supports.  We own 5 exceptional Friesian mares ranging in age from Yearling to Adult.

We are a small breeding operation and usually only have one or two foals a year at the most. But that just means that the foals have more one on one time and constant handling.  Our goal is to breed for good bloodlines, confirmation, and attitude.   We look forward to contributing to the purebred Friesian stock with high quality and exceptional offspring.

We are in good standing with the FPS and FHANA. We are ,also, members of FHAME (Friesian Horse Association of the Mid-East). Donna Kelley holds a Board of Directors position at this time with FHAME.

Our foals will be for sale either in-utero or after they are weaned.  Prices will vary accordingly. Please contact us for more information.

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Friesians for Sale

For more information on any of the following horses please feel free to e-mail us or call us (Monday - Saturday). If you e-mail us your phone number, we will be happy to call you! Additional photos can be emailed when available.

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Siobhan of F.N.F….5yrs old and ready to Rock and Roll


Siobhan is a Wybren X Folkert mare born March 23, 2013. She is out of a full-papered ster mare, Jyltje van de Weerdshof and her sire is Wybren 464. Siobhan was born and raised on our Farm in NE Georgia. She has had one owner and has been very well cared for while at home and at the trainers. She is up to date on all services, farrier, deworming, vaccines, vet care, and teeth. Siobhan is barefoot and does very well with that, but has had shoes in the past. She loads and travels very well, also. Siobhan is right at 16 hands.

Siobhan is ready to start her career. Siobhan is a very forward moving mare and has 3 terrific gates. She has been in training consistently since summer 2018. Her trainer loves her movement and can’t wait to see her in the show arena. Siobhan needs that special human to bond with and advance her career. An Intermediate, confidant rider will work best for her. She participated in the ABFP testing in Michigan back in 2016 and received very nice scores of 74.5 under saddle and 73.5 in driving.

Siobhan received a 3rd Premium at her Inspection in Morristown, TN.  She should be taken again in the future as she is a slower maturing mare, but I have found that the status the Friesian receives at an Inspection by no means influences their athletic ability as a future sport horse. The offspring that I have sold from my mares at Friesian Night Farm speak for themselves!  Siobhan has a half sister that just made 1st Premie Ster mare with a provisional Crown status at the Morristown keuring. So if you are looking for a quality show horse that will bring home the ribbons Siobhan has that potential!

Siobhan would, also, make a great edition to any breeding program. She has a very sweet demeanor and would make a great mother. Good home a must for this special girl!

Priced to sell at this time through Christmas then will go up as her training continues!
















Friesian Mares

For more information on any of the following horses please feel free to e-mail us or call us (Monday - Saturday). If you e-mail us your phone number, we will be happy to call you! Additional photos can be emailed when available.

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Imported from Germany

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Gepke was purchased in February 2006 and imported from Germany bred to Tsjipke 399. She is a beautiful, very tall and elegant, 2002 Studbook mare that reaches close to 16.3h. She is out of the mare, Sytske Ut De Polder, and sired by the stallion,  Liekele 364. Gepke gave us a beautiful filly, Uma, in May of 2006. An Anne340 filly in March of 2008. And a Wander 352 Colt in the Spring of 2009. She is an exeptional Broodmare and produces quality foals.

Gepke S.-Compatible Stallions
US Stallions coefficient kinship
Maeije 0.98% 17.50%
Gerryt 1.17% 17.70%
Sape 1.37% 16.90%
Monte 1.76% 17.30%
Melle 1.95% 16.90%
Brend 1.95% 17.50%
Fridse 2.15% 17.20%
Feike 2.15% 17.40%
Doaitsen 2.34% 17.40%
Sipke 2.34% 17.10%
Lukas 2.34% 17.30%
Erik 2.54% 16.60%
Wander 2.73% 16.70%
Anne 2.73% 18%
Teade 2.93% 16.80%
Maiko 2.93% 17.20%
Tonjes 3.12% 17.20%
Meinse 3.32% 17.30%
Gradus 3.32% 18.10%
Mintse 3.91% 17.70%
Lolke 3.91% 18.10%
Ulbert 4.10% 17.60%
Sibald 4.88% 17.70%
Femke Klaske fan ‘e Olde Hoek

Femke Klaske fan ‘e Olde Hoek

Femke Klaske fan ‘e Olde Hoek

Femke stems from the old and appreciated mare line 19.  Her sire is Feitse Preferent. Her dam , Klaske fan ‘E Olde Hoek, is a 4th level Dressage 1st premium ster mare and has received her Sport Predicate. Her line is well known for Dressage talent as well as fertility in the mares. Femke received her Ster status and Reserve Champion in the mare category at the keuring in September of 2006 in South Carolina. She had a Wander352 colt with us in February of  2008. She has had at least 2 previous colts before she came to live with us. Femke is open this year as she has been showing at Training level in the Dressage shows here. She received 4 blue ribbons in 4 classes at her last show and 2nd highest score total of the show.

Congratulations Femke on making your Sport Predicate!

Femke is currently Open! We will be breeding her in the spring of 2014!

Her foal can be purchased in utero with payments made throughout her pregnancy term!

Femke-Klaske fan ‘e Olde Hoek- Compatible Stallions
US Stallions Coefficient kinship      
Sipke 0.98% 17.50%
Meinse 1.56% 17.70%
Teade 1.76% 17.20%
Lolke 1.76% 18.50%
Tonjes 1.95% 17.60%
Erik 2.15% 17%
Ulbert 2.15% 18%
Gradus 2.15% 18.50%
Melle 2.34% 17.30%
Doaitsen 2.34% 17.80%
Sibald 2.73% 18.10%
Fridse 2.93% 17.60%
Wander 3.32% 17.10%
Lukas 3.52% 17.70%
Monte 3.52% 17.70%
Mintse 3.52% 18.10%
Gerryt 3.71% 18.10%
Brend 4.10% 17.90%
Anne 5.08% 18.40%
Maeije 6.25% 17.90%
Sape 7.23% 17.30%
Maiko 8.20% 17.60%
Feike 14.45% 17.80%


Jyltje Van de Weerdshof

Jyltje Van de Weerdshof

  • Birthdate: March 23, 2013
  • :
Imported from Holland in Summer '09

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Jyltje Van de Weerdshof

Jyltje was imported from Holland in the summer of 2009. She is a Ster mare and full papered back several generations. Her stallion line is Folkert353 x Anne340. Her dam is Tessa V.D. Weerdshof.  Jyltje came to us in foal to Doaitsen 420 and had a filly in the spring of 2010. That is Iris Mary of FNF that is for sale. See her information on the Sales page. Since then we have rebred Jyltje to Wybren and had a beautiful big filly in the Spring of 2013.

Jyltje is currently open! We are planning to breed her to Meinse of Iron Spring Farm in the spring of 2014.

The foal can be purchased in utero with payments made throughout her pregnancy term!

Stay tuned for pictures for pictures of her Wybren filly soon!!

2009 Florida Keuring                            Wybren filly born March 23, 2013  Wybren  filly born March 23,2013

Jyltje running free Florida 2009

Jyltje van de Weerdshof-Compatible Stallions
 US Stallions Coefficient Kinship
Erik 351 0.78% 17.20%
Melle 311 0.78% 17.50%
Ulbert 390 1.37% 18.20%
Monte 378 1.76% 17.90%
Sibald 380 1.76% 18.30%
Wander 352 1.95% 17.30%
Teade 392 1.95% 17.40%
Sipke 450 1.95% 17.70%
Meinse 439 1.95% 17.90%
Mintse 384 2.15% 18.30%
Tonjes 459 3.12% 17.80%
Fridse 423 3.12% 17.80%
Sape 381 3.52% 17.50%
Doaitsen 420 3.52% 18%
Brend 413 3.91% 18.10%
Lolke 371 4.10% 18.70%
Maiko 373 4.49% 17.80%
Gerryt 360 4.69% 18.30%
Gradus 356 5.27% 18.70%
Feike 395 7.03% 18%
Anne 340 15.23% 18.60%




Uma was born on May 2nd of 2006

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Uma is our first filly out of Gepke S. She was born on May 2nd of 2006.  She is sired by the stallion Tsjipke399. Tsjipke 399 is of Stam 2 and his sire is Remmelt 323. Uma received a 2ND Premie at her keuring in September of 2006 in South Carolina. She is now 3 years old and will be preparing for her Inspection in the fall of 2010.

Uma's headshot

Uma’s headshot

Uma's noble walk

Uma’s noble walk

Uma on the move

Weddings at Freisian Night Farm

Our girls are very photogenic and love the attention. Sometimes the Bride has a hard time getting in the picture. But, as you can see here the photographer did a wonderful job of getting everyone in the shot. Why not consider some professional pictures done with yourself and our Friesian beauties for any occasion.

Consider Friesian Night Farm’s for your Wedding photos!

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Farm News

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Well a new breeding season is just around the corner. Can’t believe that 2014 is here already. Siobhan, our filly from last year will be turning 1yr old at the end of March. She is growing like a weed.

We will be breeding Femke and Jyltje this year. We are considering an embryo transfer from Femke to Gepke to carry the baby for her so that we can enjoy Femke’s athletic ability more. We are planning to breed to Meinse of Iron Spring Farm and Alert located at The Friesian Connection.  Wish us luck and check back for more news.

An Article about our Farm was featured in an online Magazine called “Atlanta Horse Connections” last month. Check it out at the following link, http://issuu.com/katyamanjossova/docs/ahc_8th_edition_2014.


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